Wyassup Lake Preserves


The North Stonington Citizens Land Alliance has recently taken ownership of 4 new parcels of Open Space. Three are at Wyassup Lake, on Wyassup Lake Road and Armstrong Pentway. The fourth parcel is on Grindstone Hill Road at the corner of Fowler Road.

The Wyassup properties add to the nearby Pachaug Forest  state lands while the Grindstone Hill Road property, called “Edwina’s Preserve”,  is across the street from the Land Alliance’s Fowler Grindstone Preserve entrance (lower). We are in the process of determining if there will be trails on these properties and where they would be located, but you can be assured that they are all open to the public. Enjoy!

Click the following links to see the properties as they appear in the North Stonington GIS maps.

70-5511,  Wyassup Preserve-  EAST

70-4416 Wyassup Preserve- CENTRAL

70-5378 Wyassup Preserve- WEST

81-4354 Edwinas Preserve