Secchi Disk Display at Chelsea Groton Bank-North Stonington Branch – starting February 11, 2020

Wheeler Library Display- January 2020

Secchi Disk-Water Monitoring Display

 For 25 years the North Stonington Citizens Land Alliance has been testing and monitoring the water quality of ponds, lakes and waterways in North Stonington. This has been done with our volunteers in coordination with the University of Rhode Island’s Watershed Watch program. Water samples are taken by trained volunteers who deliver them to URI for testing and publication of the results.

Betty Perkowski, board member of the Land Alliance, created a diorama display of one aspect of the testing-dipping a Secchi Disk into the water to gauge visibility and water clarity. The imaginative creation takes us under the sparkly surface of the lake to see the disk below with fish swimming in the background.This display can be seen in the Wheeler Library on Main St. in North Stonington Village. It includes photos of Bill Hixson demonstrating the secchi disk process as he tests Blue Lake’s water quality.

There are also display boards with information on test results for Blue Lake.

The Land Alliance would like you to visit the display and get back to us with comments and perhaps and offer to join us sometime to learn how this is done.


Blue Lake Water Monitoring Demonstration

Secchi Dish used in Water Quality Testing