Spring is here

Spring is here

Babcock Ridge

The Land Alliance is happy to announce it has donated $1000 to the Avalonia Land Conservancy’s effort to purchase the Babcock Ridge woodlands. The money came from our Land Fund which is used to either purchase lands outright for conservation as Land Alliance preserves, or, as in this case, to support other groups’ land purchase efforts  in North Stonington. Land Funds also are used to buy signs for our preserves or pay for other necessary expenses directly involved with land such as surveys.

This 74 acre property will connect the Don Henne Memorial Tract of Avalonia’s Shunock River Preserve on Babcock Road, North Stonington, with the recently acquired Erisman Woodlands on Reutemann Road to the north.

The upland habitat of the Babcock land and Erisman Woodlands combine nicely with the riparian lands of the Henne Preserve to be a fine multi-faceted habitat for wildlife. There is a wonderful trail system on the Henne Preserve. We are fortunate to have this vast acreage for public use in our town.

More information about Babcock Ridge can be found at the Avalonia Land Conservancy’s website: