Fowler Grindstone Update


Pendleton Hill Brook at long-existing dam off Grindstone Hill Rd-August 30,2020


On August 30, 2020 a group of 5 neighbors and Land Alliance members cleared the remaining illegal rock dam that  unknown persons had built across Pendleton Hill Brook. That dam, and others  that the state have already removed, disrupted the stream gauge readings at the monitoring station where the brook crosses Grindstone Hill Rd.

In addition, there was a hazardous bridge erected across the stream. The volunteers removed this bridge . This area of the preserve was intentionally left in its natural state to protect the waters.  Our trails are accessible in other places of the Preserve off Fowler Road.

This damage, cutting of trees and clearing the streamside shrubs, plus building rock dams across the brook in several places, took place in the dead of winter and was discovered by the state who monitors the streamflow. Our preserves are open to the public where we have trails but being open to the public does not mean anyone can use it as their own personal park to cut trees at will. We are happy to say that the stream can now continue to flow without obstruction and the vegetation is coming back.

Photo by Rich Chiaccola

Cardinal Flower -Pendleton Hill Brook

Photos by Rich Chiaccola