We will open Sunday, September 24, at 1:00 PM For the first time and we hope you can drop in and walk these unusual and serene 31 acres of hay and corn fields, pine forests with paths of pine needles underfoot, 500′ along Spalding Pond. Look for Preserve Sign at 32 Clarks Falls Road, near Pendleton Hill Road/Clarks Falls junction. September 24, Sunday, opening at 1:00pm. Dawn till dusk . Dogs on leashes okay. Comfortable walking, no hills, no rocky climbs, the geodetic map shows this preserve is part of a flood plain of fertile soils.

Hayfield at Samuel Cote Preserve

Cote Drive

Laneway into Preserve

Huge White Pine

Huge White Pine

Moss Rock- Along Laneway

Spalding Pond, summer

Trail Sign

Spalding Pond, Tree limb

Spalding Pond Reflections