Route 184 Spring



A Small Essay for a Small North Stonington Icon

October 2018


Hooray, it looks as if the spring at the Junction of 49 and 184 is beginning to run again!  Three cheers for the return of cold water pouring out of a pipe pushed into the hillside.


Hidden in some tall grasses at this corner, there it is: the resurrection of some water flowing through a make-shift pipe after one whole year of nothing.   Appreciation goes to the handful of folks who helped encourage the water flow, you are presently unknown to us; you have done a wonderful thing.


Over the years, jugs and jugs of water have been driven off in cars and pickups:  plastic gallons of water have been filled and whisked away to someone’s home; bikers and walkers have pulled over to fill up their thermoses and take a mouthful of cold spring water (in spite of the mostly unheeded warning sign placed there some years ago).  During storms and power outages, cars have lined up along the roadside, waiting for a turn at the spring.


All around town, gossip about the surprise of no water at the spring had spread over the months: that spring hadn’t stopped running in years and years, we heard. It never stopped running, who stopped it?  It had such constant energy and flow, pouring out of that pipe in the hill, we counted on it.  What happened?



We hope that the temporary set-back for the spring has corrected itself. We do not yet know the cause. We hear that there had been months of heavy culvert work around the time of the water stoppage but we really do not know the reason for the water flow’s ending,


Help us now and always to care for both North Stonington’s large and small environmental icons.  Call Land Alliance , 860-599-5517, or email us,, as we continue to try to be a voice for all of the town’s the good and natural things.


Madeline Jeffery